Art and Essays on Sexual Culture.


Encouraging conversation to increase education, acceptance and agency around sexuality.


The Thought Erotic features articles and art engaging topics of sexuality to foster critical thinking and challenge oppressive ideologies—including sexism & misogyny, patriarchy, homophobia, cissexism, racism and classism—to ultimately create a society where all groups, especially those currently marginalized, can experience safety, freedom and empowerment in their sexuality. We seek to celebrate and honor sexuality in all its myriad forms and expressions.


    • Acceptance & Tolerance: We believe that everyone, of every sex, gender, orientation, religion, race and creed, deserves to be treated, understood and respected as a human being who matters.
    • Education & Awareness: We support sexual education and believe that through open discussion, we can begin to extricate sexuality from many of the repressive and oppressive ideologies that create harmful and hateful beliefs and practices, thwarting the full and healthy expression of sexuality.
    • Empowerment & Agency: We believe all people have the right and the choice to express their sexuality however they choose as long as it does no harm to others; all people have both freedom to and freedom from sexuality and any sexual practices.
    • Consent: We support enthusiastic consent. We recognize that consent is a sticky subject in a society where many groups lack agency; we aim to work towards creating a cultural environment wherein all people can be empowered to freely choose the sexual expression and practices that are right for them as individuals.
    • Expression & Openness: We believe it’s important for each person to be in touch with their own sexuality. We hope to incite, inspire and support sexual and creative expression, in its myriad forms.

Erotic fiction, poetry & art. Analytic articles & lyric essays. Reviews & interviews. Education & tips. Science & sex. Energy & medicine. And more.

Adult Content: This site has adult-oriented content and may not be suitable for audiences under eighteen. If you’re under eighteen, ask a parent.

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