Beneath the New Moon–Part One

sci fi erotic fiction 2

by Matthew Pridham


One evening, beneath a new moon, a man in a robe embroidered with odd symbols finished chanting a song of desire and power. Candlelight lent only a fluttering glow to the room around him and when he looked up, he had to squint to see a clock in the corner. Almost time.Continue Reading

An Orgasm Brewing

Sanne Sannes erotica story 1

by Elizabeth LeFay

She wanted that feeling, that one just before she came, that one, where it spreads across your whole pelvis and if you catch it just right, if you inhale just right and grab it in your breath you can carry that feeling, that orgasm brewing, that storm of electrical impulse up your stomach and into your lungs and down your legs into your toes, and that, that full fire spread, that was what she wanted.Continue Reading

Her Tile Saw

erotica, construction erotica, female erotica 1


by Jean Mullen

Jenna loved her tile saw. Water dripped over the blade so delicately that she almost expected to hear wind chimes or whale songs rather than the whirr and crunch of metal digging into thick ceramic. She pushed the tile forward, torso arched back, hands placed firmly away from the blade. Soft water slid over her fingertips. She loved the feeling. She reached for the saw’s switch and examined her cut. It was perfect, straight and even. She smiled. The last piece.Continue Reading