Press Play–Poem by Lexi Schwartz


how to put
it, like this—in my
middle there was
a beginning, almost,
your hands into
the place for safekeeping, tell
a small story: she
and her sisters—

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Gemini Rising–Poems by Christie Ann Reynolds


Bulleted woman

With a messed up face

Saw her unmarred self

Bloom in sleep

Somewhere along the brow
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Poems by Willy Palomo


Fabio, the Fuckboy explains Floating

Definition: a form of outercourse practiced by devout Mormons in a failed attempt to keep the law of
chastity. See also Provo Push and Provo Soak.

   Like most men, I learned to float to prevent
from drowning, from dipping too deep
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T H E   L I T   L I N E S   O F   Y O U R   P A L M   [ I N  T H E  O N L Y   D A R K   W E   K N O W   O F   T H E   R O O M ]–Poem by Michael Wasson


If I trace the lines of your palm
                                  with only the tip

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BALLOT BALLET BULLOT BULLET–poem by Vanessa Angélica Villarreal






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body/language–poems by Torrin Greathouse





my lover speaks in signs / fractals
hands into language when their voice fails them

i too know language / in the failures
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Oath of Softest–Poems by Jessica Lawson


Oath of Softest

He makes his money his woman (in the office to steel (but the resolution (will not be televised,
(take this, then (our oath of softest.

A fly by Might operation might operate (on your granny, her (hip hip (hopping below the belt
(and he’s ready to give her (whatever care he can grab (in between conference calls, (while the
full ass of social media (butt dials their representatives (leaving an oath of softest (in the empty
art of the dialtone (when the voicemail box is full.Continue Reading