Deep Dive

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by Elizabeth LeFay

The air was thick and heavy on her arms, like a soft blanket and she pushed through it and the green of the leaves along the path to the beach, struggling to catch her mother and stepfather before they got on the boat.

“Mom,” she called, and the long narrow boat idled its engine and pulled back through the ice-crystal gulf water.

“What, Laila?” her mother asked, shifting amongst the scuba tanks and masks crammed tightly into the small boat.

She was annoyed, Laila knew. And Laila could only half blame her. She’d been a brat this vacation, keeping mostly to herself and staying in the hotel or reading on the beach. But she couldn’t stand Jack, her stepfather, and the mother-daughter trip they’d planned for Laila’s college graduation had devolved into a family strike when Jack had invited himself along.

Even now, as Laila approached the boat, she felt his sharp blue eyes piercing her. But behind him, was Ander. One of the dive instructors at their hotel, with his tanned skin and deep eyes nearly the same color, but lit up as if he always faced the sun. His mouth broke into a wide smile of straight white teeth as she climbed into the boat. Next to Ander was the dive master, Dave.

“I want to come,” she said.

Her mom smiled too and Laila felt better immediately. She turned to the shimmering water to avoid Jack’s leer.

“There’s supposed to be a sea turtle that comes around this cave a lot,” her mom shouted over the roar of the engine and the wind and the splashing waves.

“Awesome,” Laila egged.

Ander stopped the boat and dropped anchor and the diving flag. Laila, Jack and her mother pulled on their masks. Dave checked all the tanks and helped load them onto their backs. Then they dove in and the water was like a bath. Warm and clear straight to the bottom. She was almost disappointed she wouldn’t actually get to dive.

They began to lower into the water. About 20 feet down she tapped her mom, who turned around. She pointed to her ears and shook her head. Her mother tapped Ander, who came beside her on the rope and showed her a few clearing techniques. She followed his movements, puffing her cheeks and blowing out her nose. She shook her head again, pointed to her ears, and then to the surface. Ander and Dave gave each other a few signals and then Ander pointed her up, while they watched the others drop further beneath them. She pulled herself up the rope.

Ander shimmied over the edge and then pulled her into the boat behind him. Heat surged between them as they touched.

“My ears, they hurt too much. They wouldn’t clear.”

Ander again went over a few moves to help, which she nodded and pretended to listen to. “I’d rather just lay in the sun anyhow,” she said.

“It’s a long dive they’re doing,” he said.

“I know.” She smiled at him, broke her eyes away to the sea and then coyly glanced back from under her lilted lashes. She caught his eyes following the lines of her curves and she stretched her back slightly, leaning back against the boat.

“Can you help me with my sunscreen?” she asked, pulling a tube from her bag. She stood and turned backward before him. He had to stand to reach her back. His big, rough hands rubbed across her shoulders and down, slipping alongside her ribs almost touching her breasts and further down to the top of her bottoms, which perched low on her hips, barely covering her ass. She lifted the strings on either side, and then on her top so he could rub underneath. His hands were warm on her cold wet skin and desire crept across her in goose bumps.

He returned her the bottle and she stood, rocking the boat, steadying to keep her balance while rubbing the white cream over her stomach and across her breasts, slipping her fingers beneath the triangles and against her erect nipples for just a moment, watching him watch her out of the corner of his eye. She adjusted her towel and lay back against the length of the bench, pretending to sleep.

She heard a cooler open and then the hiss of a can. She turned to look at him.

“Want a beer?” he asked, reaching one out to her. It dripped water on her breasts and the cold made her jump.

“Sorry,” he said, he reached to brush it away and then pulled his hand back.

Then slowly lowered it closer again. Her heart pounded as she watched his hand near her breasts and then he gently, like sunscreen, rubbed the water into her skin. Her chest lifted almost unconsciously to his touch. His hand slid down her flat stomach before he pulled it away, replacing the empty hand with a full beer held out beside her. She sat up and took it, took a deep swig. He was rocking with the waves, standing between the benches, so she scooted to the side.

“Here, sit,” she said. “Thanks.” She held up the beer to cheers him as he sat beside her. The can dripped water on her leg, and again he rubbed it away. He left his hand sitting on her thigh and she felt heat sear through her. She grew wet in her bikini bottoms.

“How much longer you staying?” he asked.

“We leave tomorrow,” she told him.

“That’s too bad,” he said, “so soon.”

He, as if without thought, started sliding his hand gently up and down her thigh, to the knee and slowly, incrementally, higher with each slide. They sat like that, drinking their beers, his hand connecting them, getting slowly, painfully slowly closer to her hot wet center with each movement. This time his hand nearly reached her bathing suit and it froze. She looked out at the water and waited. He waited.

Slowly, her legs opened in response, just slightly at first, widening centimeter by centimeter as his hand crept closer. Then it was inside her thigh and the rubbing resumed. Just short distances now, a couple inches up and a couple inches back down. She felt her pussy wettening even more, soaking through the fabric of her suit, screaming to be touched. And at last, his fingers grazed against it. When her legs opened further he grew confident, and began rubbing from one leg to the other, gently pressing her clit as he passed.

She opened wider and moaned a little. Hanging her head back slightly and arching her back, stretching out her breasts into the sunlight. She felt his hot breath on her neck and she arched further, like she could slip outside of herself.

Then his mouth, his thick lips and soft tongue. His fingers pressed hard against her bikini bottoms then, and her thighs clamped around them. He began to rub in earnest, up and down across the suit, expertly feeling her clit beneath it, tracing the line of her, and his mouth moved down onto her breasts. He pulled aside her bikini and his tongue circled her nipple and then he gently sucked it into his mouth. She groaned. He sucked harder, pulling more of her breast into his mouth and at the same time he slipped his hand inside her bathing suit, finding her wetness and sliding around and around in circles against her pounding clit.

She fell back at that point, and he arranged her body on the bench. He sat back, looking at her, watching her, and kept his hand inside her suit. Rubbing her clit in fast, then slow circles, sliding his fingers, one then two inside her pussy. Watching her face, her mouth open, tongue roaming her lips, her eyes fluttering closed, chest rising and lifting with each rise of ecstasy. He pressed tighter and faster, circling her clitoris and her legs flapped like butterflies around his hands, clamping tight and pushing him in and then loosening back, letting him go further. His mouth dropped to her breast again, and his other hand squeezed. His tongue stuck out of his mouth and flicked, then pressed, then circled her hard nipple while his hand did the same against her clit, flicked, pressed, circled.

Finally it was too much and she cried out, her legs closed around his hands and she bucked into a ball. She shook. She moaned. Shook again. Then lay back on the bench. She rocked with the waves and let the waves of orgasm pass over her body.

He sat back on the bench across from her, and suddenly she wanted more. She pulled him to his feet and then dropped back to the bench before him. She untied the top of his pants and they dropped to his ankles, his long, hard cock pointing up into the sun. She licked the tip, and then, unable to wait pulled the whole thing into her mouth. Her throat relaxed and she shifted him back inside and he moaned deeply. Then she pulled him out and moved her tongue across his edges, and along the seam at the bottom of his member. She licked the head several times like a St. Bernard. He pressed his fingers into her hair and she knew what he wanted. She took him whole into her mouth again and began to move her head back and forth, sucking in and out, until she felt him tense and tighten. She took him out of her mouth then, looked up at him and smiled. Then she turned over on the bench and arched her back.

She felt him lower beside her and pull the strings at her bikini. It fell to the boat floor. She spread wide and he entered her from behind, reaching one hand around to her clit and pressing it in circles as his cock circled inside of her. His other hand held him up on the bench in front of them. She lowered so his elbow could rest and lifted his hand into her mouth. She sucked his finger long and hard and he groaned deeply into the back of her neck. He sucked her neck and licked down her back and pushed deeply into her. He rubbed her clit and she felt the orgasm spread from her pussy down her legs and up into her stomach. It was rising and with every push she knew she would soon explode. She heard his breathing get tighter, faster, and she said, “I want to come. Make me come, make me.”

Two more pushes and he exploded inside of her. He yelled out and she moaned and they shook and bucked against each other. The boat rocked in the water. They lay there, sweaty bodies pressed tight against each other, recovering their breath and shaking now and then. He rolled off and took a deep swig of beer. She looked over the edge of the boat and saw her mother, Jack and Dave at the bottom of the rope, ready to ascend.


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