Coital Exposure–Vi Khi Nao



Women who don’t date men
Compensate their lack of
Coital exposure by
Imbibing basil seed drinkContinue Reading

Three Poems–Kailey Alyssa


Last Bite to Eat

A deer lies dead with a branch of alder in mouth
and she wakes after the same dream about the same baby
she keeps dropping from her same arms.Continue Reading

this highly flammable 1970s neon orange two-piece suit set–Zoe Nefouse


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Three Poems–Zack Corpuz


his slowly uncoupling world

silent in her crimsoning. the space between
a line. and a heartbeat pull. thump.
thump. thump.she draws from it
in habit. a stroke
like rouge across. which she absently tongues.

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Rua do Salitre


rua do salitre

by Ian E. Watts

Going nowhere in particular, our only aim is to catch the sun’s light among the rustling leaves around the
Rossio Square. Pointing out a couple on a bench, Vanessa mentions, “All interaction between men and
women is a guarded stalking and is always sexual in nature. A careful reading of every glance, every
word, and every gesture betrays masked intent.”Continue Reading

The Search for Non-Capitalist Pleasure


The Search for Non-Capitalist Pleasure

by Ansley Clark

One of my most pleasurable memories occurred in my friend’s tiny room, sitting in her plastic and unremarkable desk chair. We were English teachers living in Beauvais, France; my hair was full of split ends, and my friend offered a trim. Since none of us owned any glassware, she handed me red wine in a mug. Her fingers combed through my hair, occasionally skimming my scalp, while her scissors quietly and steadily snipped away, like small gentle insects.Continue Reading

Queering a Path through the Universe: Sex & Love in Sci-Fi


Queering a Path through the Universe: Sex & Love in Sci-Fi

by Courtney E. Morgan

There have been more and more representations of queer characters and relationships in mainstream media lately—more depictions of fully fleshed out, round protagonists, given fullness and complexity in their relationships and their narratives. Queer characters can be the leads in important movies, can win awards: Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name, Battle of the Sexes come to mind.[1] It’s a beautiful thing.Continue Reading