Roses Too Bloom–Poems by Emma Erickson


by Emma Erickson


roses too bloom

I hear     babies grow
I hope mine doesn’t

I’d keep  my truth  warm
but  in the shade      dark
maybe purple it reminds
me of coloring when you
wipe your dripping nose
with your wrist and leave
it shining in crooked light
where did  the   clouds  go
here    in between yellows


you’re who I thought I am

sails   up  on  the  clover
back    pack  blueberries
a   spare train   schedule
use the corner for  your
gum  we  can shower  in
dawn’s  eye back then  I
lived   a  land   mermaid
days   are   mirrors   now
though I   wait   for   you
to   come   back   to   bed
press rewind   play     yes
in the shade I like it    ok




Emma Erickson is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she studies Marketing and Creative Writing. She dreams of a world where dogs talk back. Her work has also appeared in Halfway Down the Stairs.

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