An Orgasm Brewing

Sanne Sannes erotica story 1

by Elizabeth LeFay

She wanted that feeling, that one just before she came, that one, where it spreads across your whole pelvis and if you catch it just right, if you inhale just right and grab it in your breath you can carry that feeling, that orgasm brewing, that storm of electrical impulse up your stomach and into your lungs and down your legs into your toes, and that, that full fire spread, that was what she wanted.

She rubbed her hand two fingers flat in circles around herself (and it wasn’t just her clit, I’m not just trying not to say clit, but herself all around—her clit, her labia, her whole damn sex and sometimes dipping inside)—and she found it, she found that spell, that bubbled woozy feeling, that warm spreading all over her vulva, all over her abdomen all up and it wanted to peak and it wanted to burst and explode in sound but she didn’t want to lose it yet didn’t want to let it go. So she caught it in her breath, she tugged it away from its breaking from its bursting and she pulled it up into her arms and she licked her fingers and sucked her forearms and it got hotter and as she exhaled she felt its vibrato in her bones, she felt it lower down her knees felt it on the soles of her feet and then the inhale again and back, it up it came up her whole body like the ocean like a wave so fast she thought she might lose it, it just might up and out so she lifted up her hand and even from inches away she felt it stirring her, felt the rubbing and the heat. But she had caught it again, it would not break away yet.

And again she exhaled and again it moved all up and down her spine. And she lowered her hand again to herself and she circled slowly now, now with more pressure and now she was ready she thought she wanted it so much she couldn’t wait now anymore and she inhaled and it rose so high and light and pure like bright white noise ripping through her and one more exhale and she knew this would be the last and her legs were shaking her knees knocking and it roared from her toes and one more pull up one more inhale and one more spin, her fingers more pointed now, her fingers with intention, right around the clit now, and the breath pulling up and everything the heat the light the noise leaving her cunt now up and over now, spilling out of her lungs and into her mouth and noise and oh and oh and shaking and wrapping and wrapping her legs around her hand around her wrist around and bucking against and rolling to the side and the sheets twisted in her mouth in her hands and her tongue rolling out. And then breath in and out. And warmth everywhere and a shaking and smile.

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