Press Play–Poem by Lexi Schwartz


how to put
it, like this—in my
middle there was
a beginning, almost,
your hands into
the place for safekeeping, tell
a small story: she
and her sisters—

when I miss her I
kiss other girls. There was
one birthday, wanted
to try: I like the way
herhairmyhair, have you ever
bruising, your fingers
in the door—

what could I have
this memory, wildflowers
under her stomach. I would have
had it louder, carved out
caves, your eyes dead
locked on my
feed, like this: how to put

she’s here. I slept on the floor
while you watched—have you ever
known the way to ask
nicely, I want to do
what you do when I’m not
como se dice, how to
put it—

Lexi Schwartz

Lexi Schwartz is a writer and engineering MS student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her work most recently won the first prize for Graduate Fiction in the Center of the American West’s 2017 Thompson Writing Awards and has appeared in the Boulder Weekly.

Top image: Pablo Punk / City Lights /

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