Gemini Rising–Poems by Christie Ann Reynolds


Bulleted woman

With a messed up face

Saw her unmarred self

Bloom in sleep

Somewhere along the brow


Didn’t get Gemini

I lose my physical certainty in sex

His extravagant threads

Fleeting emblems of fragile power


Two of seven girls

Abortions by candlelight

Their bras pinned to basement pipes

Effigies to each baby


She means it won’t burn

If it is alive

If it happened to someone else

If it happened I won’t say who


Could be an elephant’s universe

I want to know how animals mourn

The idyllic safari gone murder

Chopped trunks wrapped in Burberry


Oh Gemini Oh

Our la la la’s happen in silence

We hold up our fists

Shake them as we witness


Fluent in supermarket parking lot language

Arrows to sorrow—

Give me an instance where instances

Prove the future in icicles


A turn is a torque

A touch is a torch

Assured there’s award

8 ball shaking in a pine locket


Gemini goes dark in the dark

Matches iris of a dead elephant

Maybe all love is just so utilitarian

Grass stained knee sex in the corner pocket


Christie Ann Reynolds is the author of Texts from My Mom (Big Lucks Books 2014) Revenge for Revenge (Coconut 2012), and idiot heart (New School Chapbook Contest 2009). In 2012 she was awarded a Poets & Writers Amy Award for emerging NYC female writers under 30. As a student at Hofstra University in 2003, Stephen Dunn chose her as the winner of the Academy of American Poets undergraduate award. Christie Ann is the former curator of the long reigning Stain of Poetry Reading Series in Brooklyn and a multimedia series called Totem. She currently teaches writing and science at a Montessori school in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn.


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