Three Poems by Sequoia LeBreux

Poems Sequoia LeBreux


Where I live
Ants find any sweetness.

They found my honey
And I stayed up one night

Picking hundreds of tiny black bodies
From the gold.

This is love,
A dim-hour-discipline

Fingers dipped in death
And syrup.


How much
I miss touch
And try not to

At the show
I let the drunk girl
Lean into me

She is slow and thoughtless
Like a beam of light
Shifting across the floor

The weight of her
Is meaningless
And warm

Left Alone

I stood in the dark
waiting for the water to boil
and by the little orange light
of the electric kettle
I dipped my spoon
over and over
into the honey

Sequoia LeBreux poet poetrySequoia LeBreux was born and raised in western Massachusetts. She is currently studying herbal medicine in Vermont. Her work is upcoming in the Jabberwock Review.