Exiting on Bell Road—Flash by Doni Shepard


Exiting on Bell Road

The streets of my hometown are lined with brooding palms, dying in summer sun. The heat—sucking moisture from blades of grass, sucking souls, sucked my memory dry.Continue Reading

Gemini Rising–Poems by Christie Ann Reynolds


Bulleted woman

With a messed up face

Saw her unmarred self

Bloom in sleep

Somewhere along the brow
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Poems by Willy Palomo


Fabio, the Fuckboy explains Floating

Definition: a form of outercourse practiced by devout Mormons in a failed attempt to keep the law of
chastity. See also Provo Push and Provo Soak.

   Like most men, I learned to float to prevent
from drowning, from dipping too deep
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Kiss Off: How We Use Our Mouths On The People We Love


by Matt Lurie

A man and woman once told me they no longer kissed because “they had better things to do.” The man and woman were Stephen and Amy, my girlfriend Elizabeth’s parents.[1] Elizabeth, who sat with us at the dinner table, said she couldn’t imagine it—not kissing.Continue Reading

Letter from the Editors: Vision & Mission Statement

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Letter from the Editors–Why The Thought Erotic? 

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