Podcast: Interview with Sydney Fowler–Author, Activist + Sensitivity Reader

Sydney Fowler Sensitivity Reader Podcast

Please enjoy our interview with Sydney Fowler, author, queer + trans activist, and sensitivity reader + consultant. We talk about sensitivity reading and the publishing industry, call-out culture, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and more.

Sydney’s podcast, the Sensitivity Reader Podcast is launching February 27th–check it out wherever you get your podcasts. 



Sydney FowlerSydney Fowler aims to uplift the voices of the invisible and misrepresented other through their writing, teaching, and activism. They have a double BA in Psychology and Queer Studies and they offer sensitivity reading services at Inqueery LLC. As a sensitivity reader, they consult with authors of fiction and nonfiction to create more respectful and authentic representations of marginalized communities. They are the host of the Sensitivity Reader podcast. Sydney has been published in The Snarktastic Guide to College Success (Pearson) and New Directions in Folklore, Most recently, and a case study on transgender inclusion and feminist activist leadership in The Handbook of Sexuality Leadership (Routledge-Taylor & Francis Ltd). They are working on a novel about a non-binary selkie and a coven of queer witches. Their website is sensitivityreader.com