We Won’t Be Silent–Voices Raised Against Hate

January 20, 2017 Issue

On this Inauguration Day, we are raising our voices for justice, equality, diversity, unity and empathy.



Mariam Williams “Radical Self-love: Writing Intimate Spaces in the Trump Era”

Loie Merritt “in the orchard of unmentionable”

Alysia Sawchyn “Feeling the World Askew”

Courtney Udischas “Un-President-Ed: The Trauma of Trump”

Eric Mueller “On Dick: How Materialism Caught Up with My Queer Life”

Caitlin Scarano “Tell Me How to Be”

Rose Heredia “No Time for Apathy: Processing the 2016 Election”



Vanessa Angélica Villarreal “BALLOT BALLET BULLOT BULLET”

Jessica Lawson “Oath of Softest”

Torrin Greathouse “Body/Language”



Erin Armstrong “A Southern Mythology: Tales from Georgia”



with Jennifer Williams, creator of “The Better Feminism Workbook”


IMAGE: Shepard Fairey, www.theamplifierfoundation.org

Fall 2016 Issue


Emma Erickson

Joy Ladin

Caitlin Scarano

Scherezade Siobhan


Modern Love and the Trouble with Soulmates, by Melissa Brooks

Why Audrie and Daisy is Required Viewing in a Age of Slut Shaming and “Locker Room Talk”, by Courtney Morgan

Bad Mommy–a Flash Memoir, by Diana Odasso


Layover, by Colter Ruland


“There Is No Normal”: A Chat with Couples Therapist Jane Ryan on Sexuality and Relationships, by Ansley Clark


Pico de Gallo


Call for Submissions for Spring

Spring 2016 Issue


Why Can’t Women Just Get Along by Melissa Brooks

Steven Universe: A Gender Fusion Buffet on Cartoon Network by Rachel Busnardo

Creative Work

Conifer–Prose Poems by Kolby Harvey

Tiny Dictators and Purple Lattices–A personal essay by Rose Hawthorn


Peruvian Aphrodisiac Ceviche by Eileen Roscina Richardson

Issue 1


Cleavage Abby Templeton-Greene

Orgasmo Anonimo Matheus Arcaro, translation Laura Cesarco Eglin


The Rectory Kathleen J. Woods

The Space Between Courtney Morgan


Glimpse into the Collective: An Interview with A.S. Leena Res

Franco, Fetish and What Happens When You Disrobe the Fantasy Courtney Morgan


Her Tile Saw Jean Mullen

Deep Dive Elizabeth LeFay


Issue 2


Why You Should Talk to Your Healthcare Provider About Sex Fei Cai

Pregnant Hedonist Vanessa Angelica Villarreal

An Assault of Language: Jennifer Tamayo’s You Da One Liz McGehee

A Mother’s Litany Courtney Morgan


Shudder Loie Merritt


An Orgasm Brewing Elizabeth LeFay

Issue 3


Re-imagining the Language of Sex, or: Squirting and its Synonyms Kathleen Woods

Pervert Rebecca Kallemyn

Why the Feminist Question Matters Melissa Brooks

The Sex Wars, Revisited: Sex Positive and Negative Feminist Voices on Pornography


Wet Liz McGehee

Issue 4: Sex and the Cineplex–An Adolescent Education

Love in 4D Steve Lewis

Dirty Dancing, or Blurred Lines and Other Balancing Acts Loie Merritt

Escaping Hell: Sexual horror in Titanic, The Shining and Scream Melissa Brooks

Sex is Risky Business Moksha Gita

Princesses, Prostitutes, Penises and Patriarchy–What Pretty Woman and The Little Mermaid taught me about sex, bodies and womanhood Courtney Morgan

An Early Sexual Education: The Film Roundup (in which sex and love may be childishly conflated) Loie Merritt

Aphrodisiacal Recipes: Maca Popcorn